Keys to the Entrepreneur Decision

Are You overwhelmed with the number of opportunities available? Confused about what�s right for You?

What's your reason for seeking a business opportunity? Here are prevalent reasons from people I've spoken to: Down sized, Desire to grow personally, Nest egg too small, JOB burnout, Money for college, Bills high, income lower, Desire for freedom.

NOW is a good time for change, but how do you navigate the thousands of opportunities available? Use this checklist: "The Keys to the Entrepreneur Decision" to find the right home business for you compare to what you've already seen and position yourself to increase your income, gain independence, grow personally, and lead yourself to financial and time freedom
& Step with confidence into Entrepreneurship!

- High Priced, High Quality, High Value Products

Realize you must "trade" something for money in order to be in business. Simply put you must sell a product or service. The product must have a USP, Unique Selling Proposition, meaning what makes it better than anything else on the market. In addition there must be a high demand for the product and a price point must be set for high profit for you and high value for your customer.

- Expanding Market

When starting a business you want to enter a market that is growing and has projected long term growth. There must be a continual influx of prospects reaching the "right age", "right circumstances" to want the business and products. Given local and national economic swings, you want a business with no territorial boundaries and a product which has global appeal and longevity.

- Systems That Make Money While You Sleep

You want a simple system to follow to ensure you have financial and time leverage. Most people are not born sales people so the system must assist you in the sales process. The system must provide you the capacity to increase your income without increasing your effort. Understand the daily activities of the business, many claim to be home based but require daily activities outside the home.

- Teamwork & Mentorship

Mentorship is crucial to Your success. Focus on a business that allows you independence and offers the benefits of teamwork and personal mentorship. In essence you want to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. Establish rapport with your mentor, understand how they are compensated for assisting you, and meet the team before you spend any money.

- Mindset Training

We are just beginning to understand the mind, how our thoughts create our reality and how our brain works. Connect with an organization that offers extensive mindset training. You�ll learn to visualize your goals, make them concrete, expand your goals, change your core values, remove struggle/obstacles quickly, and achieve success both personally and financially.

- Start Up Cash - Compensation Plan

Understand the details of the compensation plan BEFORE you invest. Look at the startup investment compared to Your profit per sale. Can you profit quickly and repay yourself? Understand the qualification process, the better opportunities require a one time qualification, not a monthly or volume based process. Also make sure customers pay you directly, you shouldn�t have to wait weeks or months for YOUR money. The compensation plan must have leverage; otherwise you'll be trading your time for money like a job. There must also be exponential growth of income due to high profit step up products. These sales are made without marketing expenses and arrive in your bank account automatically

- Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Make sure the supplier has a customer satisfaction money back guarantee which does not negatively affect you as a distributor.

Using these Keys to the Entrepreneur Decision will assist you to find the right Home Business opportunity that's in alignment with your values. Enjoy your research and welcome to the wonderful world of Entrepreneurship!

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