How Would a Mastermind Entrepreneur Pursue a Life Changing Income?

I can imagine you thought that Mastermind Entrepreneurs had to be wealthy before they could earn their title, which is quite the opposite because the mind of an entrepreneur can start its development from a toddler. As a toddler my son would take all his toys apart, but he was never satisfied until he mastered how to put them all back together in operating condition. Oh yes, he is presently in the pursuit of becoming an engineer. Focus, obedience, and integrity are the major components of a Mastermind Entrepreneur in the pursuit of a life changing income. If you have the seed of greatness and empowerment already in you, then you have a very good head start on this pursuit.

Focus, obedience, and integrity are being manifested through a very successful organization inspired by an entrepreneur who had childhood dreams of greatness and empowerment despite her birth in a country of almost no encouragement for a female to ever consider becoming an entrepreneur. It is so good to actually hear of successful women and their accomplishments. It is even better to read about their extraordinary conquests. It is a plus to see them in news videos. But it is powerful to meet one and shake their hand as you feel the warmth of a driven compassion of inspiration and hear words of empowerment going straight into your listening ears, and see the visual effects of their conquest and adventurous journeys.

It is a rare occasion to have that privilege, but I did. Indeed it was a pleasure to meet the awesome global inspirational speaker, and multi-millionaire Dr. Ellie Drake, who is creating a powerful community of visionary leaders who are making a contribution to global prosperity known as The BraveHeart Women Global Community. These successful women may not all have earned a name of fame, but there hearts are true to their community efforts, as Dr. Ellie Drake continually inspires them. The individual accomplishments are contributed to their created expressions of positive productivity that they bring to this organization.

According to Dr. Ellie Drake, the Principle of Focus starts from Attention and ends in Intention, but retains the quality of focus every step of the way. Attention resolves the question of what you hunger for; intention delivers the final focused recipe. If you ask a group of individuals to focus on a set of black dots on a white sheet of paper for one hour without explaining the purpose; you will get about sixty percent of complainers, and thirty percent of individuals who will ignore the request, and hopefully ten percent who will comply. Which group do you think will be less coachable? Which group will you be excited to see them leave? Give praises to the coachable ten percent of your future successful Mastermind Entrepreneurs. Their success will be developed through their consistent focus and concentration.

Obedience should have been mastered in your childhood or religious experiences, but fret not because you never get too old to learn. Obedience always relate to obeying others, buy how about obeying the positive principles that have been inherited or acquired in your life time that will provide directions for your chartered course to mastery in the pursuit of obtaining a life changing income. Last but definitely not the least quality is integrity, the master of honesty, enough said.

“An entrepreneurial Spirit will no longer hold on to a reward if it results in loss of freedom and vitality. Once this willingness to let go is realized, the entrepreneurially spirited man or woman doesn’t keep looking backward at what they have just relinquished. They go forward, take action, move consistently, and remain true to the essence of entrepreneurship today, which means being an agent of change. The change is always toward purposeful and passionate living” ~Dr. Ellie Drake

Are you ready to become a Mastermind Entrepreneur and pursue a life changing income? If you made it to the end of this article, then read on and the directions will appear as you continue your focus.

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