Zero To Hero - How A Simple Homemaker Turned Into A Successful Entrepreneur

Chekan (pronounced Chek-Ahn) is a simple, wonderfully resourceful and positive lady who is one of the few friends who inspire me. This is simple account of how this stay-at-home Mom became an Entrepreneur who couldn't stop making money even if she tried!

Like many women, Chekan had simple expectations in life. She was was contented to be a stay-at-home Mom, taking care of her family, but When her kids were older and didn't need so much attention, she found a job at a major electronics production factory to keep busy and make a little extra money. She began picking up English simply to better herself. Eventually, her proficiency in English helped her secure a job in the company where I worked some ten years ago.

In her second year as receptionist in the company, fate took a cruel twist and changed her direction in life. Her husband was diagnosed with a illness which was potentially life-threatening. Faced with the very real possibility that she might have to be the sole bread winner, she did some serious thinking before joining a network marketing program dealing with household products. Although it was difficult at first, she carried on simple for the love of her family. She learnt the ropes of network marketing and quickly moved up the ladder to success. After approximately four years, she had six hundred members in her downline. Anyone involved in network marketing will tell you that this is a major achievement. She trained her downline well, encouraging them to succeed for their own betterment. This in turned, produced an army who worked hard, earning Chekan an impressive monthly commission to match her soaring reputation. She eventually reached an earnings level where she was rewarded with a brand new car fully paid for by the network marketing organization. Despite the many monetary and tangible rewards, what was more important was that Chekan had awakened the entrepreneur within her.

As Chekan moved on from success to success in her part-time network marketing business, she continued to keep her full-time job as a receptionist. She was later posted to a newly set-up division of the company, as an administrator. Most people thought this division was a waste of money and resources, resigning it to certain failure. As luck would have it, Chekan's manager eventually resigned leaving Chekan – who was the one who knew best the operation of the office - with the responsibility of running that office. Talk was that it would be a temporary situation, but Chekan, through sheer hard work proved everybody wrong and built that division into a veritable money making machine, using the skills and smarts that she learnt while building her network marketing business. We used to joke that this one-time homemaker now had more people working for her – in her full time job and part-time network marketing – than the boss of her full-time job!

I was privileged to work with Chekan for about a year before I left to set up my own businesses. I marveled at the workings of this God-fearing woman who by this time, could not stop making money even if she wanted to. Chekan is a perfect example of how to turn a crisis into opportunity and more. She now teaches ordinary women who were once like her to succeed and build a better life for themselves.

The lesson learned from Chekan is simple. No matter who and what your circumstances are, you have the potential within you to achieve more than you ever dreamt possible. You CAN turn from a zero to a hero!

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