Mastering the Fine Art of Storytelling

Once upon a a land far far away...
Mastering the Fine Art of Storytelling
7 Simple Secrets to Crafting COMPELLING Stories
to Enhance your Public Speaking Impact! 

Led and Facilitated by Certified Master NLP Practitioner George Ira Carroll

Tony Robbins, Walt Disney, Martin Luther King Jr., ...what do these people have in common? They positively and powerfully impact the lives of others by crafting stories that harnessed the imagination of the masses. Can you think of someone who is an amazing storyteller? Do you notice how they reel in an audience like a skilled fisherman reels in prized fish? Would you like to enhance your speeches through the power of storytelling? If you’re like me, then you know the amazing power that stories have to deliver a message, capture an audience and inspire others!

“'Thou shalt not' is soon forgotten, but 'Once upon a time' lasts forever.” -Philip Pullman

If you’re speaker on any level, learning to craft powerful stories is essential to tapping into the emotional imagination of your audience. When you are able to grab the imagination of the people in your audience, you can influence people in the most positive and profound ways!

In this Creative Program, you'll Create and Discover:
  • How to use your life experience to craft your own story of triumph!
  • The secrets to positively influencing others through the power of storytelling!
  • How stories impact the sub-conscious mind for emotional impact!
  • The PERFECT places to insert stories into your talk!!
  • The simple trick to naturally transition into your story!
  • How to embed your story into your message for maximum potency!
If you study and research the best speakers in the world, they are masterful storytellers and adding this skill to your speaking ability will enhance your value and impact!! Register Now and save on the early bird pricing!!

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