FOURTH GIFT: 12 Days of Christmas - and TWO gifts in ONE!

Here it is - DAY FOUR - and the fourth of your 12 Days Of Gifts! Aren't these gifts amazing? Grab 'em up... and if you're feeling generous, forward to a friend.

Extravagant Gift...

Today's gift is TWO gifts in one... for anyone who wants to sell their book (or book idea) to a major publisher like Random House or Simon & Schuster, instead of self-publishing.

NY Times Bestselling Literary Agent Reveals 7 Insider Secrets to Getting a Major Publisher & Book Deal >> 60-minute mp3 ($47 value)
During this recording you'll discover: 

  • How literary agents work and why you need one   
  • 3 types of agents and how you can find the right one
  • The most important thing that agents and publishers think about when they're considering your work
  • 5 writer scams that could cost you thousands of dollars
  • The difference between good agents and great agents
  • Why you have only 8 seconds to get an agent's attention
  • The only 2 reasons that talented authors don't get published
  • Why most of the things you might have learned about query letters are completely wrong 
7 Shockingly Stupid Mistakes that Normally Intelligent Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Make... When Writing a Nonfiction Book >> 60-minute mp3 ($47 value)

During this recording you'll discover:
  • What a book can do for your business (which is probably a lot more than you realize)
  • How to choose the best book topic and structure to benefit your unique business
  • How to write a book that's more likely to get published by a real publisher (like Random House) and become a legitimate NY Times Bestseller (instead of an Amazon bestseller, etc.)
  • How to get paid to write your book (in addition to getting a publisher's advance)
  • How to avoid the most common stumbling blocks that keep authors from finishing their book
  • How to avoid unnecessary mistakes  that result in wasted time, wasted money, and lots of headaches 

 Rave Reviews...

"You have proved to me again and again that our
literary future is safe in the hands of the talented
and personable young. Thank you for all of your
wisdom and your kind and gentle suggestions." 

- Aggie Jordan, Ph.D. author of
The Marriage Plan (Random House)

"A special thank you to the 'Remarkable Mark,' my friend and former agent who took my books to auction and got me a 6-figure offer. Mark is one of the rare and genuine good guys. To me, one of the most important keys to success as an author is consulting. Writing is a very isolating profession. I can't count the number of times I've been banging my head against the wall - this is not a figure of speech I have the flat forehead to prove it - only to have Mark casually mention something I've completely overlooked: "Have you tried? . . ." This is generally followed by a moment of stunned silence, then a string of words best not repeated. How could I have been so blind? How could I have missed this? It's because I was in a bubble. That piercing insight from a professional is often just what is needed to burst the obstructing bubble."

- Jim Brown, News Anchor, FOX
24/7 and Black Valley (Random House)

Tasty Tidbit...

What question would you ask a literary agent... if  you had one trapped in a room and he couldn't get out? Well, today's your lucky day. Becaue I'm a former literary agent. And you can ask me anything you want about agenting, publishing, and/or writing (as soon as you click the link above to get your fr*ee mp3s).

Believe it or not, I actually WANT you to ask me a question. You see, I like it when authors ask me questions. It makes me feel smart. I like talking about publishing. And I like helping other writers. In fact, I like it so much that I didn't get upset when one author decided he would ask me a question in the men's room at a writers conference. Not while I was washing or drying my hands.

Literally, using the restroom...

It might sound crazy (the fact that I didn't get upset), but think of it this way: How do you feel when someone asks you a question about something you're passionate about? Like, maybe, your writing? I get excited. So don't hesitate to ask me your burning question after you've listened to the mp3s. You know, the question that's been keeping you awake at night, the one that's been keeping you from taking ACTION.

No question is too big or too small (or silly). And I promise to be nice. After all, the main reason that I became a literary agent in the first place was to figure out how to get my OWN books published. So I know what you're going through.

See you on the other side...
About Mark Malatesta

Mark Malatesta is Founder and CEO of Literary Agent Undercover the only company in the world focused (exclusively) on helping writers get top literary agents, so they can also get top publishers and major book deals... and make a living writing books.  
Mark is a former literary agent and AAR member (the Owner of "New Brand Agency Group") who's helped both fiction and nonfiction writers launch their publishing careers like thriller writer Jim Brown (24/7, Random House), award-winning young adult author Carol Plum-Ucci (The Body of Christopher Creed, Harcourt), nonfiction self-help author Aggie Jordan (The Marriage Plan, Doubleday-Broadway), and best-selling gift book author Harry Harrison (Father to Daughter, Workman), and many more... resulting in millions of books sold, as well as works being picked up for TV, stage, and feature film (with companies like Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks). Mark's authors have gotten 6-figure advances, been on the NY Times bestseller list, been licensed in more than 30 countries, and won countless national and international awards and honors.

Mark also spent several years as Marketing & Licensing Manager of Blue Mountain Arts (the book and gift publisher that invented e-greetings, then sold their e-card division for close to $1 billion at the height of the dot com bubble). Mark negotiated distribution and licensing deals with top buyers around the world at events like Book Expo America (BEA), the London Book Fair, and the Frankfurt Book Fair. He also helped scout new talent and develop new products.

A writer at heart (the reason he got into publishing in the first place), Mark understands writers. And he loves sharing his "insider knowledge" in a way that helps them position themselves (and their work) in the best way possible. In other words, do everything they can to give their work bestseller or high commercial potential.  Mark has been invited to write feature articles for publications like The Guide to Literary Agents, a column for WritersDigest.com, and he's delivered keynote addresses and seminars at some of the most prominent writers' conferences in the United States and abroad. Learn more at at http://LiteraryAgentNY.com.

*A Note From Rebekah: In the spirit of The Season Of Giving - I have decided to create a special series of messages JUST FOR YOU consisting purely of GIFTS that I know you will enjoy.  I have asked some of my most-respected colleagues to GIVE you their very best stuff. Stuff that anywhere else you might pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to enjoy, that YOU are going to be receiving "on the house". I am calling it "12 Days Of Gifts".

Over the next 12 days you will get at least one fabulous gift from me each day.  All you have to do is open - and enjoy. It will be like getting to open a different package every morning!  Each gift is guaranteed to contain tremendous value, so I hope you will take advantage of each and every one. And at the end I'll give you an exclusive sneak peek at all the great things we're launching for you on January 1, 2012 - TWO WEEKS before anyone else gets to see them!
ENJOY - and Merry Christmas! www.ConnectWithRebekah.com

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